100 Most Popular Elephant Tattoos & Meanings


An elephant is an animal known for its enormous size and magnificent power, which is why an elephant tattoo denotes great strength and power. Elephants seem an unusual choice for tattoo designs, but this in no way, affects the popularity of animal tattoo designs (such as lion, koi fish, wolf) among tattoo lovers around the
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100 Classy Heart Tattoo Designs


The heart has always been a symbol of feelings of love and passion and it has been a top choice in tattoo art since the early days of this form of body art. Heart has represented the soul and the mind since times immemorial, which has made it an important element of human existence and
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100 Fascinating Compass Tattoo Designs & Meanings


A compass is an instrument which has been used for guiding travelers, explorers, space adventurers and sailors, since times immemorial. It has been of great help t them for guiding them safely towards their destinations with the right idea regarding the directions. Like numerous other objects which have been of vital important to human race,
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120 Dainty Ankle Tattoos For Girls


Tattoo art is the latest form of body adornment, which has become popular amongst the young and the old alike. Both men and women love having tattoos inked on their bodies, with some tattoo designs being unisex, while some others being suitable only for men and yet others preferred by only women. One of the
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100 Astonishing Day of the Dead Tattoos


One of the scariest and most popular forms of contemporary tattoo art is the Day of the dead tattoos. To understand more about these unique tattoo designs, one needs to learn about this unusual festival called the day of the dead. The Day of the Dead is a unique Mexican custom, which is used to
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