100 Most Attractive Flower Tattoos Of All Time


Flowers are one of the more exquisite creations of nature, which have always been a source of fascination on account of their beauty and fragrance. They play an important role in every major occasion in human life, from birth to wedding and even death. Flowers have also been an important object used in tattoo art,
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Rose Tattoos: 99 Popular Designs and Meanings


Rose tattoo is the latest fashion among the tattoo designs for men and women, but it has a deep-seated symbolic meaning too, which enhances its value to a great extent, besides its aesthetic appearance. The rose is regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers created by nature and has always been revered by mankind as
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Wrist Tattoos: 99 Most Attractive Ideas


Tattoo art has become one of the most important ways of body adornment, with exquisite designs being featured on various prominent locations of the body. Some of the parts of the body where tattoos are commonly engraved are back, neck, shoulder, chest, legs, ankles, arms, face, fingers and wrists. Wrist tattoos are a great way
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77 Phoenix Tattoo Designs and Meanings


Body tattoos have become a great way to make an expression of one’s personality and attitude, without being too loud about it. Tattoo designs incorporate various objects like flowers (such as lotus, rose), fish,  feather, arrow, anchor, stars, religious symbols and text and words, all bearing significant meanings. One of the most important designs with
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99 Expressive Best Friend Tattoos


True friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world as it is all about giving and nothing about taking. But it is something which should not be taken for granted and one must never lose a chance to say how special one’s best friend is! One of the best ways to express this feeling
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