100 Alluring Turtle Tattoo Designs and Meanings


Animals and reptiles have always made a popular element for tattoo art and there can be nothing better if you rely on something as unusual as a turtle because it is sure to catch attention. Thos is the reason why turtle tattoos have been quite a big favorite among tattoo enthusiasts around the world and
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60 Mystifying Moon Tattoo Designs and Meanings


Tattoo art is not a modern form of body embellishment but a centuries old craft which has been carried down by generations. Since the very beginning, tattoo artists have looked for fascinating animals to create some of the most amazing and eye appealing designs. Most of the times, they take inspiration from the elements of
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150 Amazing Crow and Raven Tattoos and Meanings


When we talk of tattoo art, we talk of varied designs which tend to use elements which have both eye appealing quality as well as symbolic value. Flowers, butterflies, animals and birds, all come up as popular design elements for tattoo art. In birds, appealing birds like peacocks and parrots make a good choice for
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100 Amazing Snake Tattoo Designs and Meanings


A tattoo is a form of modification of a body that is made interesting by giving those shapes and different colors. Tattoo is a form of art that is used not only to make an impressionthat exaggerates your body but it is something that helps you to express your emotions and attitude. There are several
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100 Beautiful Lily Tattoo Designs and Meanings


When it comes to tattoo art, floral designs have been on the pinnacle of popularity among tattoo designs since the beginning of this art form. The variety in flowers used for creating floral tattoo designs is extensive, with choices like rose, cherry blossom, sunflower, lotus and daffodils, to name just a few. Lily tattoos are
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