160 Meaningful Angel Tattoos for Men and Women

Angels are the messengers of heaven and they are revered for their purity, kindness and faith. They symbolize a special meaning wherever they are used, in pictures, paintings and tattoos. Angel tattoos have been one of the most favored tattoo designs since the origination of this form of body art, with both men and women having these designs featured on their bodies. The fact is that angel tattoos are not only revered for their beauty but also for their symbolic meaning as they stand for one’s faith and belief in God, as angels have always been directly linked with the Heavenly father. Angel tattoos, being delicate to look at, are considered feminine, but they are equally liked by males too. The most popular places to bear these tattoos are the back and the shoulder, neck, wrist, thigh, ankles and arms, depending upon the liking of the bearer and the size of the design of the tattoo.

Symbolic Significance of Angel Tattoos

Angels have been defined as the messengers of God in different religions. The Christian religion links these divine beings with Heaven and they are pictured as beautiful and innocent beings floating around in the clouds, playing soft music on harps. Similarly, they are shown as heavenly beings in Catholic, Jewish and Islamic religions too. As per the religious texts of the Bible and the Koran, angels are believed to carry the word of God to men and to serve and protect the human race by carrying out the orders of the Divine. They fight against the evil forces prevalent on the earth and also count all the good and bad deeds done by all the human beings, for which they would be answerable at the end of their lives. As angels are associated with God and His will, angel tattoos too have a deeper divine symbolism. These tattoos signify beauty, purity, peace, love, innocence, devotion and protection. Angel tattoos also stand for faith and closeness to the Divine. There is a common belief that angels protect humans, as it is often talked about the “Guardian Angel”, which associates the angel tattoo done in memory of a loved one who is no more, but will always remain with the bearer and protect him further in his life. It is believed that wearing an angel tattoo can thus protect one from dangers of accident, disease of physical damage, besides shielding the bearer from all kinds of negative forces. Wearing an angel tattoo is an expression of one’s belief and faith in God, which is said to bring positive influence in one’s life.

Popular Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel tattoos are popular among both men and women, with tattoo designers looking to create some latest designs in these tattoos. There is a large variety in angel tattoo designs these days, with tattoo lovers wanting to pick one which represents their attitude and belief. Here are some popular angel tattoo designs:


  • Archangel Tattoo – The Archangel tattoo is one of the most revered designs among angel tattoos because Archangels are those angels who are regarded to be closest to the Divine. While St Michael, who is the warrior of God, is considered as the most popular archangel, another one is Lucifer, the fallen angel who became Satan. An angel tattoo showing the battle between the two of these archangels is a well liked tattoo design by discerning tattoo lovers.
  • Cherub Tattoo – A cherub angel refers to a baby angel, who is pictured as a small naked child with wings, floating within clouds. The cherub tattoos are linked with love as cherubs are considered to harbinger love, as Cupid, who is believed to make people fall in love, is a cherub. Others believe cherubs to be attendants of God and bearing this kind of tattoo shows one’s devotion to Him.
  • Angel of Death Tattoo – Angel of Death is a dark angel, who carried the souls of the deceased to the heaven to continue their afterlife. Also, this angel is known to provide protection from pain and illness and also untimely death. The angel of death tattoo is borne by people to seek the protection of the Angel for themselves and their families. Such a tattoo usually represents the dark side or sadness of the bearer.
  • Ethereal Female Angel – In the Western culture, angels are usually pictured as beautiful and pious females, dressed in pure white flowing clothes. The popular belief is that wearing such angel tattoo implies that someone is watching over the bearer and guarding him with magical powers. It also keeps reminding the bearer to follow the path of righteousness and spirituality, which will earn him a place in the heaven after the end of life on the earth.
  • Fallen Angel Tattoo – The fallen angels represent the dark angels, who have fallen out of favor of God because they have some something wrong. They have followed the path of the right earlier, but because of some reason, they have decided to change their ways, which have made them fallen angels. These angel tattoos are often pictured in darker shades to represent their negativity. They are also shown to bear a menacing look, with horns or torn wings to complete the effect. Satan, Beelzebub and Leviathan are some of the well known fallen angels.
  • Angel Wing Designs – Some people prefer to have simple angel wings designed as a tattoo, rather than having the whole angel engraved on themselves. An ideal place to have large and ornate wings pictured is the back and the shoulders, right between the shoulders as if the wings are actually growing from there. A smaller sized pair of wings can be featured on the lower back. This is one of the most desirable angel tattoo design. These wings can be featured in black or can be made using vibrant colors, depending upon the choice and personality of the bearer. Though wings have been associated with closely, the Bible has not mentioned angels to bear wings, rather it is the cherubs which feature them as a part of their bodies.

Popular Images Of Angel Tattoos

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