100+ Hip Piercing Jewelry Pictures and Information Guide

Hip piercing is one of the body piercings that is gaining more and more recognition all throughout the globe these days. Who would imagine that this part of the body is also perfect for piercing adornments other than hip tattoos? Such piercing is very common to a lot of girl teens and young women adults these days. This is simply because piercing on the hip part will exude so much sexiness on its wearers. It is specifically done right there on the pelvic region of a certain person. If you have not tried this kind of piercing yet, then what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to try it. But first, make sure to know a lot of important information about it. There are two main types of hip piercing which includes Surface hip piercing and microdermal hip piercing

Hip Piercing and Its Crucial Procedure

One very important information about hip piercing that you need to know is the crucial procedure it has got. Since this is a very crucial procedure, it is very important to only have it done by a well-experienced, professional piercer. When you are already there in the piercing clinic of your hired piercer, whether you are getting a surface hip piercing or a microdermal hip piercing things that are expected to be done as parts of the piercing procedure would be almost same in both. Surface piercing uses a surface barbell as a body embellishment on the other hand micro dermal hip piercing is a modern option. Surface hip piercing and micro dermal hip piercing has two variations. One is performed with the use of a dermal punch while the other is performed with the use of a needle.

  • The piercer will let you lie down. This is to make sure that the procedure can be easily done. If you are not comfortable with your lying down position or there is still something that is bothering you, then inform the piercer and never let the procedure start yet. You should be mentally prepared before the procedure is done.
  • The area where the piercing is done will be cleaned well. It is with the aid of an antibacterial solution. The area must be cleaned so that bacteria will be nowhere to be found. Remember that bacteria can be the main cause of infection.
  • A hollow tunnel should then be created underneath the skin surface. And just like any other piercings that are done on a person’s body, making a hole for your hip piercing can be done with the help of a scalpel or a piercing needle. Even so, this important piercing tool must be sterilized first for it to become bacteria-free. And in order to do the perforation quicker, the piercer must pinch the skin with the utilization of a clamp.
  • The jewelry of your choice will be assembled through the hole created. This will be the final step in the procedure for doing your gorgeous piercing on your hip. The entire procedure is actually just done in several minutes, so there is no way it can consume too much of your time.

Surface Hip Piercing

Microdermal Hip Piercing

Finding the Right Professional Piercer

Now the big question is, how can you find the finest professional piercer that you should hire? Or maybe, the right question is, do you know someone reliable who can do the piercing procedure on your hip? If no, then here are the important things you need to do to find the best piercer who will help you:

  • Search the Web – Just in case you don’t know, almost everything can now be found on the web. This is including the list of well-experienced, professional piercers in the world. What you need to do is key in the keyword of your search, and the long list of professional piercers will be displayed on your computer screen. That is how easy it is. From that long list, you have to narrow down your choices, and you can do so by listing those who are just near your home address.
  • Ask Some Recommendations – Another thing that you can do in order to find the finest piercer is to ask some recommendations from your friends, relatives, or even work colleagues. Who knows, they might have already experienced hiring a piercer who is expert enough in doing hip piercing procedures. For sure, they don’t want you to compromise your own health and savings, so they will only recommend the most reliable one.
  • Read Some Reviews – Another way of ensuring that you will only hire a professional, reliable piercer is reading some reviews about your prospective piercers. If they are reputable enough, then there is no way it cannot be reflected on the customer reviews on the web. Reviews are the testimonials of the previous customers, who are either completely satisfied with the piercer’s service or disappointed.

The Pain Hip Piercing May Cause

The truth is, there is no need for you to feel afraid when you want to have a gorgeous hip piercing. It is simply because the pain it may cause is just tolerable, no matter if you have higher or lower pain tolerance. And besides, a professional piercer surely knows how to make the pain less painful on your part. And as for the piercing on the hip, pinching the skin in creating a hole on the target area through the use of a piercing clamp is one way of making the procedure less painful.

Healing Process of Hip Piercings

It might take almost a year for the piercing to heal completely. When it comes to the healing process of your hip piercing, it definitely needs a considerable amount of patience from you. Aside from the pain, soreness and swelling are expected to occur after the piercing procedure. These will last 3-4 days, if and only if there are no infections and complications that will hinder the healing process. Most of the time, the wound caused by the piercing procedure can be completely healed inside and out for 1 year. However, there is a big chance that it will heal earlier than that, depending on how your body reacts to the piercing.

The Aftercares to Remember For Hip Piercing

The aftercares for hip piercing are very important for you to keep in mind at all times because these will also help in hastening its healing process. These will also aid in preventing you from experiencing horrible complications. Here are these important aftercares:

  • Don’t play the piercing attached on your hip. Playing it will give strain to the pierced area, which can be the main reason for infections. You don’t want your hip to get infected, right?
  • Clean it regularly. You can do the cleaning with the help of a mild antibacterial soap. It can help in killing those germs that may go inside the wound of the pierced area.
  • Don’t go swimming while the pierced area is still on its recovery period. Keep in mind that beaches or pools are used by many other people, and the water on them surely contains some bacteria.
  • Avoid applying products on the pierced area, specially those that contain very strong chemicals. These chemicals may irritate the area, delaying the process of healing. Some of these products are lotions, make-up, and body sprays.

Pros And Cons Of Hip Surface Piercing

They look niceThey have a 99% rejection rate and can leave massive scarring
If your lucky they might last a yearMore painful to have pierced than the microdermal method
Typically less painfulMore difficult to keep clean
Wide range of jewelry options available for hip surface piercing
Discomfort level afterwards is annoying
Works well on many people
A shift in weight change might alter the look of where the piercing is placed

Pros And Cons Of Hip Microdermal Piercing

They are much quicker and less painful than surface piercings.Take a full year to compleatly heal as they heal from the outside in.
Microdermals are replacing surface piercingsChoose your location and spacing wisely! They are permanant
They only have a 30% rejection rateEasily snagged in the shower
Super easy to keep clean and snag freeTypically have to be removed as a scalpel procedure
A shift in weight change will not affect piercing placement.
Trauma may cause them to reject (snagging)

(Source: YahooAnswers)

Hip Piercing Prices

Having a hip piercing will cost you some amounts from your savings, of course. Remember, you will be hiring a professional piercer who will do the procedure. However, there’s no need to worry since the entire cost may just be around $40 up to $120 dollars, depending on your choice of jewelry and the piercer himself or herself as well.

Hip Piercing Rejection Rate

It depends on several factors such as types microdermal hip piercing have only 30% rejection rate while surface hip piercing have 99% rejection rate which is huge and some other factors. There is a guide on How to Keep a Piercing from Rejecting by

Jewelry Options For Hip Piercing

For microdermal hip piercing, the best jewelry options are dermal anchors and skin divers. The use of this jewelry somehow lessens the possibility of rejection. For surface hip piercings, the best jewelry options are surface barbells. Surface barbells made of titanium or surgical steel are recommended for hip piercings. Long plastic surface bars can also be used for the minimal pressure on the pierced area, reducing the risk of rejection.

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Yes, a hip piercing will look good on you. But remember, this can also make you ugly if there are complications along the way. So, be sure to do your part after undergoing the procedure.


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