150+ Most Original Octopus Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The basic motive of having a tattoo inked is to grab the attention of others, which is well achieved if the tattoo design is unique as well as attractive. Artists have used objects of nature, animals fish, lion, wolf, elephant, dragon, celestial objects stars, moon, birds and many other elements such as dreamcatchers, feathers, anchors, arrows, compass, geometric, musical symbols, heart, infinity, trees, angels, wings for ages, as elements of tattoo art. One of the most unusual and alluring design elements which have been used in tattoos is the octopus tattoo design. There is something unique and amazing about this creature, which makes it even more fascinating than the others which live in the deep blue ocean. Besides its physical structure, octopus tattoo has the quality of being presentable in a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs. Additionally, there is a great degree of symbolism attached with the octopus tattoo. This is what has made it one of the coolest design options today, for both, among men as well as women around the world.

Symbolic Meaning of Octopus Tattoo

All the creatures which live in the depth of ocean have always baffled and fascinated the human race because there is a great deal of mysticism attached with them. Octopus is no exception to the rule; in fact, its distinctive physical structure and qualities add even more mystery to its being as a whole. Here are some symbolic meanings associated with this amazing creature and tattoo designs featuring it:

  • Octopus is considered as a creature of intelligence, adaptability and creativity, which adds an aura of positivity to this design. The creature has been known to protect itself from predators by a special mechanism, which enables it to emit a black ink like substance that acts like a camouflage. It also has color changing capacity, just like a chameleon, which makes it adapt easily to dangers of the deep. Hence, octopus tattoos signify adaptability and resilience.
  • This wonderful creature has the ability to re grow one or more of its limbs, which might have been lost due to an accident or predator attack. This again, is an ovation to the resilience of the octopus, which is all about coming back strong despite all the adversities of life and moving ahead with it in spite of the unfavorable substances. This is what makes the octopus tattoos an ideal choice for those who have been through a rough phase, yet have shown the courage and resilience to bounce back. Amazingly, there are times when the creature intentionally sheds one or more of its tentacles, which implies that it can give up the excess baggage and the design inspires the humans to do the same and move ahead, leaving the negativity of the past behind them.
  • Octopus is an invertebrate, which implies that it does not have a spine. This accounts for the flexibility and grace of this creature, as it moves around in water with great agility. The same is signified by the octopus tattoo design, which is that one should be flexible enough to adapt in all kinds of situations which life has to present and face the worst with true grace and patience.
  • Octopus is the symbol of number 8, taken from its 8 limbs. Eight has been a number matched with infinity sin, which adds a mystical quality to it. Perhaps, this is what makes some people revere this creature as a scared one.
  • Octopus is used as a totem animal by many people, which implies the association to a certain animal or creature which signifies the feelings as well as behavioral attributes of the person. Octopus signifies energy and surviving spirit, which make it popular as a totem animal and many people around the world choose this particular design for the reason.
  • In some cultures, the octopus has been considered as a symbol of feminine energy because of its association with ocean. Ocean is linked with moons, which brings tides and constant motion in it and moon signifies the female power. This is the reason why this tattoo design is as popular among women, as it is among men.
  • There are some cultures which link the creature with negativity and evil, as mythology has compared the creature with a jealous and angry monster. The tentacles represent its evil powers because they are used to grab the prey and strangulate it.

Tattoo bearers can interpret any of these meanings before they take a decision of bearing an octopus tattoo design, because understanding the true significance and symbolic meaning of a design is of utmost importance before having it inked. Getting a tattoo means that one is willing to bear the pain and spend a great deal of time and money, beside the fact that it is going to be a part of the body for a lifetime. This makes choice of design something very crucial. Check our collections of White Ink tattoos, Biomechanical tattoos, Tribal tattoos, Henna tattoos for creative ideas.

Placement of Octopus Tattoos

The placement of a tattoo is largely determined by its size and design because the larger the size of the tattoo, the larger is its space requirement and it has to be inked on a part which fulfils this criteria. Since an octopus has a total of 8 limbs which are long and flexible, a tattoo design featuring the creature can also be big or small. A large design which shows the tentacles extended over a big area can ideally be inked on the stomach, rib, shoulder, thigh, lower back, with tentacles spreading out to cover the hips and the spine. Similarly, it can be started at the shoulder and extended across the chest or the design would also look good on the legs, reaching up to the feet. Larger octopus tattoo designs are preferred by men, while women love flaunting small and elegant tattoos. Such designs can be featured on the sleeve, ankles, wrists, fingers, back of the ear and neck. A cool and attractive option for women is to have it inked on the belly button, with the tentacles reaching around the stomach area.


Octopus Tattoo Designs

Basically, octopus tattoos are done in two design styles, which are as follows:

  • Realistic 3d Octopus Tattoos – Realistic octopus tattoo designs feature the creature in its natural form, which requires a great degree of skill on the behalf of the artist. Popular variants under this style are the Asian style and blue ringed design.
  • Animated Octopus Tattoos – The animated octopus tattoos look more like a cartoon, with bright purple body, huge tentacles and protruding eyes, giving it a funny, sometimes scary look.

Octopus tattoos make a great design option for tattoo enthusiasts who are looking for something cool and unique, yet something which has a deep symbolism associated with it. You might want to check our collection of Mother & Daughter tattoos, Best Friend tattoos, Sister tattoos.


With tattoo artists as well as tattoo lovers constantly looking for new and cool tattoo designs, octopus tattoos seem like a fun option. These mystical creatures of the deep have some amazing qualities, which make them a popular tattoo choice for men and women. They are highly adaptable, can combat enemies with various means and can regenerate their lost limbs, which relate them with qualities like flexibility, intelligence and resilience.

Popular Pictures Of Octopus Tattoos

Violet Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

Violet Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

Violet Octopus Tattoo on Thigh

Violet Octopus Tattoo With Green Tentacles On Thigh

Violet Octopus with Green Tentacles

Violet Octopus Tattoo With Green Tentacles

Tribal Octopus Tattoo

Tribal Octopus Tattoo

Violet Octopus

Violet Octopus Tattoo

Tribal Octopus on Half Back Tattoo

Tribal Octopus on Half Back Tattoo

Tribal Octopus Sleeve

Tribal Octopus Tattoo Sleeve

Skull with Octopus Tentacles Tattoo

Skull with Octopus Tentacles Tattoo

Tiny Dotted Octopus

Tiny Dotted Octopus Tattoo

Octopus with Ship Tattoo

Octopus with Ship Tattoo

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