140 Inspiring Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases plaguing women around the world these days and this is the reason why common people as well as celebrities are getting involved actively in awareness programs against the disease. Ribbon tattoos make a great choice for those looking for creating awareness and paying tribute to the courageous efforts of those who are battling this ordeal and making efforts to emerge victorious. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are loved by women because they have both, a great feminine appeal and a wonderful inspiring meaning. A pink colored ribbon is used in such a tattoo, which makes it even more appealing for young girls and women because pink color has always borne a close relation with femininity.

Symbolic Significance of Breast Cancer Tattoos

Cancer is a devastating disease which not only destroys the patient from within, but also ruins the family emotionally and financially. There are some who are able to conquer the disease, while others lost this difficult battle as they have been diagnosed too late. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are borne as homage to the both types of people, the sufferers as well as the survivors, and it is not only the family members who are seen bearing such tattoos. You may also see young women who do not even know someone suffering from the disease, having the tattoo inked. This adds an amazing meaning to these tattoos, which mark the courage to be victorious over the disease. It is not only women who are seen bearing breast cancer ribbon tattoo designs, but men get them inked too, as even they want to show their emotions and conviction against the disease.

These tattoos also signify love, compassion, courage and strength and continue to generate hope in the sufferers to give into the disease and fight it with courage. Even people who have survived this fatal disease can have this particular tattoo design inked to declare to the world the strength with which they have borne this disease. On the other hand, those who have a loved one suffering from the painful disease can make a show of their commitment towards the loved one and also that they will always be by their side as they face the disease. Some of the tattoos are borne in the memory of such family members or loved ones who have not been lucky enough to survive and passed away, becoming victim of breast cancer. However, they continue to live on and inspire others in the form of memoirs represented by breast cancer ribbon tattoos.


Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Basically, there are two varieties in ribbon tattoos- those which are about awareness of a particular cause and the other ones which are loved for their aesthetic value. While the charming ribbon tattoos are loved by girls because of these cute designs, which feature elements such as flowers, butterflies, birds, bows, anchors, feathers, dreamcatchers, cross, compass, angels, hourglass, infinity sign and polka dots, breast cancer ribbon tattoo designs are simpler, though they are much more meaningful. Most of the ribbon tattoos are closely linked with cancer awareness, with different colors representing different types of cancer. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are usually inked in pink color. On the other hand, lavender color ribbon tattoo represents cancer in general, while white stands for cervical cancer, blue for colon cancer, yellow for bladder cancer, gold for childhood cancer and grey for brain cancer.

Some design elements which can be added to such tattoos are hearts, chains, flowers and wreaths. One can also have some text added to the breast cancer ribbon tattoos, which may include the name or initials of a loved one who has suffered from the disease and survived or lost the battle to it. It can also be the date of death of such a person. Another option is to have a special quotation added in the design which defines your never say die attitude and fighting spirit towards the disease. There is a great versatility in design regarding breast cancer ribbon tattoo because this tattoo is more of personal nature and every person can have a different story and different outlook for the design. The bearer can discuss the design with his tattoo artist who can create something unique according to the client’s requirement.

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos look the best when placed in prominent areas such as shoulders, ankles, back of the ear, nape of the neck, sleeves, wrists, thighs and legs, because this is something which you need to show off to the world so that you can express your support towards a cause. For this reason, breast cancer ribbon tattoos are considered very positive and inspirational, which defines the bearer as a person with great compassion for those who have suffered this terrible disease, whether she is known to him or not. Therefore, one must bear this design only if he is totally committed to this cause.


Popular Pictures Of Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

cancer-ribbon-tattoo (1)
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Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
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Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

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