180 Attractive Breast and Under Breast Tattoos

Tattoos have been revered as a way to beautify the body and have been used for centuries now, with the popularity continuing to be on a high. Men and women around the world love to have tattoos adorned on different parts of their body as they not only attract attention but also depict the attitude of the bearer. Breast tattoos and under the breast tattoos are popular tattoo placements in females and they make the feminine counterpart of chest tattoos. Since the breast area lies very close to the heart, there is something special about these tattoos in the symbolic sense. Breast tattoos can be inked over the breast or under them and they have a very feminine and alluring quality about them. For this reason, women of all ages love to have such tattoos to add to the sensuality of their bodies.

Why women love breast tattoos?

The placement of tattoos has a lot to do with the sex of the bearer. While chest, arms, shoulders and calves are preferred tattoo placements for men, tattoos on fingers, wrists, ankles, lower back, ears, thighs, ribs, forearm, elbow, hip, collar bone, armband, hands, foot, stomach, spine, legs, sleeves and back of the neck are regarded as feminine ones. Breasts make a sensuous canvas for having tattoos inked on it because they are amongst the sexiest parts on a woman’s body. In addition to have a great aesthetic value, breast and under breast tattoos are easy to conceal and women can easily hide them with clothing when the needful situation arises. It is totally up to the woman whether she wants to expose her breast tattoos or not and she can make use of various types of outfits for this purpose, some revealing the tattoos completely or partially and others concealing them altogether. Another reason why women have shown their love for breast tattoos is the fact that they have been endorsed by several global celebrities, who have such tattoos inked on them. If you are a true beach babe, breast and under breast tattoos make a great choice for you as they can be easily flaunted in a bikini.

Popular breast and under breast tattoo designs

When a woman makes a decision regarding getting a breast tattoo done, she has to choose a design for it, which needs a great deal of careful consideration. The first thing to bear in mind is the size of the tattoo in relation with its exact placement. While the tattoos placed above the breast are small in size, those under it may be broad and large and spread over the waist area. The breast and under breast tattoos may be done in monochrome black or can features an array of bright colors, depending upon the choice of the bearer.


The symbolic meaning of the design should be given equal importance because it is going to be inked on one of the most intimate and private parts of a woman’s body. Most of the designs chosen for breast and under breast tattoos feature feminine elements such as floral patterns, vines, butterflies, angels, bows, fairies, stars and birds. Hearts also make a good option for breast tattoo designs and so do text tattoos such as the name, initials of a loved one, a quote or a special date. Mandala, tribal patterns and butterfly design make good options for under breast tattoos as they look good spread over the waist area and create a stunning visual impact.

They are large enough to occupy the large space available in the area. The use of elements depends entirely on the creativity of the tattoo artist as well as the symbolism related to them. The tattoo bearer needs to consult an expert tattoo artist to finalize the design for breast and under breast tattoos, in addition to doing some research on her own. A wrong design on the breasts can be a big blunder which one will have to keep hiding throughout the life, and moreover the money and time spent on getting the tattoo is going to be wasted. Moreover, you have to bear a great pain in having breast tattoos inked because this is a delicate and sensitive part of a woman’s body.

There was a time when breast and under breast tattoos were considered a taboo in the society because they were related to robbing the woman of her privacy and exploiting her intimacy. Today, however, these have become socially acceptable as more and more young women are using them to bring out their attitude and attract attention to their physical beauty. Even older women have not been untouched by the attraction of the alluring breast and under breast tattoos. And the best thing is that you won’t find only men looking at your breast tattoos, there will be some jealous feminine eyes spying at you too, probably because they don’t have what you have.


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