175+ Sensuous Inner and Behind The Ear Tattoos

One of the most amazing art forms that the world has ever seen is tattoo art and what is the most wonderful thing about this art is that it uses human body as the canvas. It involves creating beautiful and eye catching designs at various parts of the body like the chest, lower back, collar bone, hand, foot, stomach, spine, leg, ribs (sides), sleeves, shoulder, wrist, neck or back of the neck, thighs, finger and ankle, to name just a few. Ear tattoos make the most unusual and alluring tattoos because of the unexpected location it takes.

The earlobes and the area behind the ears are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and this imparts a sensuous value to these tattoos, which are loved by all ages men, women, girls and guys. You can go for a medium sized masculine tattoo in the ear area or have a tiny feminine one, depending upon your preference and requirement. Small as they may be, ear tattoos still make a very attractive lot primarily because of their location, while the design also plays a key role in this regard. It is also a good alternative for ear piercing as those who do not want this form of adornment for the ears can beautify the location with the help of ear tattoos. The best thing about ear tattoo is that they are very subtle and help you flaunt your attitude without being too loud or rebellious about it. Moreover, these tattoos are easy to conceal by just covering the area with your hair. This is one of the basic factors which every bearer looks for in a tattoo as it becomes essential to hide the tattoos in certain situations like the professional ones.

Popular Inner & Behind Ear Tattoo Design Ideas

Ear tattoos is one of those tattoos which offer literally endless options as far as the placement and designing is concerned. You can have the tattoo on the lobe of the ear, its shell or behind the ear, as the design and your preference demands. One thing to know about these tattoos is that they are preferably small in size as the space available for them is limited, particularly if you are choosing the ear lobe or ear shell for getting the tattoo inked. A medium sized tattoo would be fine for behind the year if you have to choose a larger and more prominent design. The truth about ear tattoos is that they definitely attract attention, even if they are small in size and not too intricate in design. You can choose from a variety of elements for ear tattoos, with floral, bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, anchors, dreamcatchers, arrows, dragon, musical nodes, sun, moon, stars and feathers being the most well loved options because they look good on small sizes. Some people even go for animated characters and cartoons peeping out from behind the ears. Men can have tribal and geometric designs as they look masculine and powerful while women can opt for delicate designs such as bows, ribbons and floral patterns.


The curvy shape of the ear makes geometric and flowing patterns more suitable for it as their grace comes out because of the natural curves of the ears. Something as simple as a name, initials, a date or a small text or quote also looks good in this area as it says a lot without being too loud. Small elements like Celtic knots, stars, hearts, infinity signs and anchors make a cool design option on or behind the ears, for both men as well as women. Before making the final decision about the design for ear tattoos, it is wise to do a bit of research and also consult an expert designer or artist to give you the right advice about ear tattoos. The possibilities for ear tattoo designs are endless and it is your own decision to choose something that is just perfect for you.

Extra Care for Ear Tattoos

The ears and the area around them make a sensitive part of the body because they are directly linked with the head and skull. As a result, it is not easy to have it tattoos because you may experience a great deal of pain and may even have dizzy spells caused by continuous sound and vibration of the tattoo machine. Also, this area may take a bit longer to heal as compared to tattoos on other parts of the body as it is susceptible to itching and irritation. If you are committed enough to bear the pain and refrain from touching the tattoo during its healing period, then you can opt for ear tattoos without doubt because the result they give is absolutely awesome.

One thing to keep in mind is to choose such an artist for inking era tattoos, who has plenty for experience for tattoos in this area because the expertise of the artist matters a lot. The visibility of the area calls for nothing short of perfection and this is what you should look for because you would be investing a good deal of time and money for getting an ear tattoo inked.


Popular Images Of Ear Tattoos

Lavender Sprig by Sol Art
Behind Ear Tattoo by Indy
Killer Whale Tattoo by Doy
Rose Tattoo Behind Ear
Soft Floral Behind the Ear by Dain
Behind The Ear Skeleton Tattoo by Sol Art
Apricot Blossom Tattoo by Doy
Horns Behind The Ear by OK
Minimalistic Lotus Flower Tattoo Behind Ear by Jen
Minimalistic Floral Tattoo by Jessica Channer
Dandelion Seeds Tattoo
Small Lightning Bolt by River
Red Rose by Doy
Daisy by Kristal Jade
Small Bird Tattoo by Suzy Yorke
Dreamcatcher Tattoo Behind Ear by East Van Inc.
Apricot Behind The Ear Tattoo by Doy
Dreamcatcher by ch11388
Behind the Ear Crown Tattoo
Small Equation Tattoo by Muscat
Tiny Seashell Behind Ear by Yanna
Pink Flowers by Ch11388
Dotwork Ear Tattoo by Amalie
Behind The Ear Starfish Tattoo by Painless Steel
Crescent Moon Tattoo by River
Tiny Behind The Ear Lotus Flower Tattoo
Small Turtle Behind The Ear by Brian Woo
Inverted Flower Behind The Ear Tattoo by River
Tiny Rose Behind The Ear
Small Colorful Feather by River
Geometric Heart Tattoo Behind Ear by UP
Blackwork Floral Behind The Ear Tattoo by Kristina Darmaeva
Clouds by Josie Sexton
Elegant Floral Band by Sol Art
Waldo Behind The Ear Tattoo by Dean Maddern
Small Purple Flower by Sol Art
Small Purple Feather Behind The Ear by Julius Tjoa

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