200+ Most Popular Elephant Tattoos And Meanings

An elephant is an animal known for its enormous size and magnificent power, which is why an elephant tattoo denotes great strength and power. Elephants seem an unusual choice for tattoo designs, but this in no way, affects the popularity of animal tattoo designs among tattoo lovers around the world. Whether represented in its mammoth animal form or as a small cartoon character, an elephant tattoo inked on the body looks extremely cute and attracts the attention in the first glance itself. Moreover, it is the symbolic value of this tattoo design which adds to its popularity to a great extent and more and more people are going for this unique and amazing design these days.

Small Elephant Tattoo Pictures

Symbolic Significance And Meanings of Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are creatures of immense power and strength, yet they are considered peace loving and calm in disposition, unless something is done to provoke these gentle giants. This is what makes the animal somewhat likable.


  • Elephant Tattoos And Hinduism – The ancient Indian culture and history places elephant as a revered creature, used in important religious and social ceremonies, besides being used in warfare. In Hindu mythology, elephant is related to the Hindu deity called Lord Ganesha, who bears the body of a human and the head of an elephant and harbingers good luck, which is the reason why he is worshiped all over the country by the devotees.
  • Elephant Tattoos And Buddhism – In Buddhism too, the white elephant is regarded as a sacred creature. As per the symbolic meanings of the animal, the elephant tattoo stands for peace, kindness, compassion and love. Another symbolic interpretation of the elephant describes it as a protective being, who looks after his young ones and other her members with great dedication, and is even ready to sacrifice its life for its family. When an elephant dies, the whole herd stays by its side and mourns for a long time, which indicated the loyalty of these animals.

Similarly, an elephant tattoo represents love, devotion and protective instinct for one’s family. Also, this animal is well known for its nobility and surviving instinct, which makes it much liked for being used as a tattoo design.

More About Elephant Tattoos

Among the people who are interested in getting inked with animal tattoo design, elephant tattoos make a cool option, particularly because of their versatility in design and meaning. Elephant tattoos can be designed in such a manner that they can be made to look cute and funny on one hand, while other designs may feature them as powerful and strong creatures. These tattoo designs can look good on both men and women and are preferred by both. The designer can create a masculine or feminine design among elephant tattoos, by having different elements added according to the choice and requirement of his client. Also they come in a wide variety of sizes, small, medium or large and one can pick the size according to the desired placement as well as one’s preference. Most of the tattoo designs feature elephants in their natural color, which can be anything between black and grey, as it is rare to find the other kind of elephant, which is the white elephant. But the fact is that seeing such an elephant is very auspicious as it signifies the Divine, as per the Buddhist religion.

In case the bearer wants to get an eye catching design, he can have the elephant tattoo done in a bright color too. A cartoon elephant character, with all its cuteness, can bring out the humorous and fun loving attitude of the tattoo bearer. Another design option in these tattoos comes in the form of tribal art, which includes Maori and Polynesian tattoo designs for featuring amazing looking elephant tattoos.

Popular Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant tattoos look really cute, which makes them a preferred design for young boys and girls. At the same time, some designs exude raw power, which makes them ideal for people who want to denote their strength. Different tattoo designs can have different meanings and one can pick the one which describes his personality and attitude to the best. Moreover, the chosen design should be such that the bearer is comfortable with the idea of having it one forever and ever, as a tattoo once done, stays with a person for a lifetime. A way out is to try a temporary form of tattoo, as in henna tattoo art. Here are some well known elephant tattoo designs:

  • Baby Elephant Tattoo – An small elephant or a baby elephant tattoo with its trunk, featured on the wrist, looks pretty cool on young girls. They can also serve the purpose of finger tattoos. The flower and elephant design looks feminine and is suitable for women of any age.
  • Cartoonist Elephant Tattoo – A cartoon elephant playing a trumpet, featured along with some musical notes, also looks really cute. This design can be done in any size.
  • Elephant Head Tattoo – Another popular elephant tattoo design is the one which includes only the head of the elephant. The elephant tattoo may also depict the animal in the form of the famous Hindu deity, Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. But one needs to take care that the design should be such and located at such a location that it does not hurt the religious sentiments of any person.
  • Elephant With Heart – An small elephant with a heart is a great tattoo to depict love and can be done as a couples tattoo on both the partners.
  • Elephant With Angel Wings – African elephant with angel wings is a design which is of great significance in the Hindu religion as it represents elephant as a revered animal.
  • Elephant Family – An elephant family depicted in tattoo art looks great, besides standing for the symbolic meaning of family bonding and protection of the family by the elephant.

Overall, the designs must focus on the elephant, though new ones can be created by incorporating other elements like feathers, anchors, dreamcatchers, flowers, stars, sun, butterflies and waves. These designs look cool when done in the form of water color or henna tattoos, which also makes them economical and painless, and at the same time look extra special.

Placement of Elephant Tattoos

The size of the elephant tattoos determines its placement to a large extent as a location needs to be selected to fit a small, medium or large sized elephant on the body of the bearer. In case, one is opting for a large sized elephant tattoo, it can ideally be placed on the back of the bearer because it provides a large surface area needed for inking the design. An expert tattoo artist can however ink the design with perfection at other locations too, which include the shoulder, chest, wrist, ankle, thighs, side, upper arm, sleeve, knee, back of the neck and back of the ear. There are however, some pros and cons of having an elephant tattoo etched on oneself. While the tattoo brings a lot of positivity as it is considered sacred in some religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, the only problematic thing about this tattoo design is that it can become complicated to be inked at certain locations due to its large size. But a capable and experienced artist can definitely fit it at the right place, without loss in integrity of design.


Amazing Pictures Of Elephant Tattoos

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