151 Most Exquisite Finger Tattoos Of All Time

One of the most visible and prominent parts of human body are the fingers and a look at them gives a fair idea of the prosperity as well as marital status of a person, as it is used to wear rings. Also, finger tattoos are becoming a popular fashion statement around the globe. The best thing about finger tattoos is the versatility factor, as one can have a great variety of designs tattooed on the fingers, ranging from symbols, small cartoons, portraits and a lot more. Finger tattoos are particularly likes by women and make a hot favorite among all age groups. The designs may be minimalist and simple because of the small area available for crafting them, but they say a lot about the taste and attitude of the person carrying the finger tattoo.

Choosing A Right Finger Tattoo Design

Fingers offer a small area for creating tattoo designs, but can be adorned with some amazing options, provided that one chooses the design to suit the shape of the fingers as well as one’s personality. Another thing to bear in mind while choosing a finger tattoo design, is that the skin of the fingers is softer and thinner as compared to other parts of the body and moreover, it bears the brunt of continual exposure to the sun. For this reason, the design may fade away sooner. However, an expert tattoo artist can help one finalize a finger tattoo design which will stay on longer on the fingers. Here are some ideal finger tattoo designs for tattoo lovers to pick from:

  • Lines and Patterns As Finger Tattoo Design – The designing need not be very intricate and complex, even a simple combination of shapes and patterns can look good as finger tattoos. Placement is something which matters the most, as well placed lines can create an amazing effect even if the lines are simple in looks.
  • Different Symbols As Finger Tattoo Design – Another cool option among finger tattoo design is symbols such as anchors, compasses which look mysterious as well as attractive when showcased in the form of finger tattoos.
  • Alphabets Finger Tattoo Design – One can have finger tattoo design which features some words or alphabets, as one’s own name or initials. The design can be made more attractive by combining some solid patterns, lines or objects along with the alphabets.
  • Animals As Finger Tattoo Design – Another attractive option for finger tattoos is small images of animals or insects such as fish, lion, tiger, beetle, butterflies and anything else according to one’s choice. One can even go for some portraits, traditional character and even cartoons for an exceptional effect. Zodiac signs make a great choice too.
  • Natural Objects As Finger Tattoo Design – Natural objects like flowers, dreamcatcher, stars, feathers and other heavenly bodies can also be used as finger tattoo designs by tattoo lovers. There are options galore, one just needs to look around for inspiration and there is a lot to explore when it comes to finger tattoos.
  • Hearts Finger Tattoo Design – Hearts have been an eternal symbol of love and togetherness and these finger tattoos not only look good but also reminds one continuously about this wonderful feeling.

Finger tattoos can cater to the desires for both men and women. While men can pick some masculine designs like the horse, skull and moustaches, women can choose delicate ones like the diamond, rose flower and butterfly. One can have matching finger tattoos with one’s partner to depict the strength and longevity of relationship. It is better to go for a simple finger tattoo design rather than a complex one, as it will be easier to create and the pain factor will also be influenced. There are lesser chances of error and flaws while etching a design which is simple and less complicated, in terms of design.



Positioning of Finger Tattoos

Ideally, tattoos are carved on arms, back, chest, shoulders and legs, but the latest trend is to have them etched on fingers. Since finger tattoos have a very small area reserved for them. Their positioning matters a lot as they need to be placed in such a manner that they do not get overlooked by others. After all, the purpose of wearing a tattoo is to get it noticed. A finger tattoo is ideally placed on the visible fore area or the side of the finger. One of the most popular choice among finger tattoos is the ring finger tattoo, as such a tattoo minimizes the chances of one’s wedding band being lost or stolen and also, it stays with the bearer forever and ever.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Finger Tattoos

Like all other things, finger tattoos too have their own list of benefits and disadvantages. As a tattoo stays with the bearer for a lifetime, there may be times that he might need to hide them. This is when finger tattoos are ideal, particularly if they are placed on the side of the fingers. The bearer need not even wear gloves to hide the tattoo. They look trendy and are excellent to wear, in terms of the unlimited number of design options available. At the same time, there are some disadvantages related to wearing finger tattoos too. Fingers are exposed to sunlight continuously and they need to be washed many times a day, which makes these tattoos susceptible to fading after a prolonged exposure to sun and water. Moreover, the thin layer of skin in this region reduces the chances of the pigment being held for a longer period of time. Additionally, having a finger tattoo can be both painful as well as complicated as the area available for creating the tattoo is quite limited. Despite the cons associated with finger tattoos, their popularity is still on an increase and they are considered a great choice for the youngsters of today, though the older generation is also not untouched by their popularity.

Whichever finger tattoo design in chosen by the bearer, it needs to look clear and attractive, and at the same time, it should reflect the attitude and style of the bearer. The design should be selected thoughtfully because of its permanent nature. Finger tattoos may be small, but they can be dazzled the onlooker if designed and created well.

Beautiful Images Of Finger Tattoos

Finger Tattoos by Doctor Woo
Finger Tattoos by Sanghyuk Ko
Dotwork Finger Tattoo Design by Helsinki
Minimalistic Finger Tattoos by East Iz
Watercolor Cat Finger Tattoo by IDA
Purple Diamond Finger Tattoo by Helena Darling
Skull Finger Tattoo by Richie Nigro
Finger Tattoo Design by Andrew Novitskiy
Heart Finger Tattoo by Yammy
Rose Finger Tattoo by Richie Nigro


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