150 Eye Catching Foot Tattoo Designs

Tattoo art has been a trending form of body adornment since a long time now and the popularity of tattoos is never going to decline. In fact, tattoos are considered one of the most fashionable forms of body adornment and are loved by young and old, men and women alike. The basic purpose of bearing a tattoo is catching attention and a lot depends upon the right design at the right place. One of the coolest types of tattoos are foot tattoos, which are preferred by women in particular as a tattoo peeking out of the high heels can add great sensuality to the look of a woman and make her feel sexy too. Though foot tattoos are quite popular, there are some doubts about them which make them different from other kinds of tattoos and one need to give careful consideration before having a foot tattoo inked.

Are Foot Tattoos Painful?

Foot tattoos can be a complicated issue, which can turn out to be discouraging factors from having these inked. It has been a common observation that foot tattoos bear a tendency to fade after some time but it really varies from person to person and the level of care given to the tattoo. While some people are very concerned about care and hygiene of their feet and tattoos in this area, others are not so careful and this results in compromise with the quality of foot tattoos. These tattoos need to be protected from over exposure to the sun in the beginning stages and the area needs to be kept clean and moisturized if you want your tattoo to stay on in a good condition.

Another reason of the fading of foot tattoos is the fact that some people get a new layer of skin on the feet after a certain period of time, which may lead to the blurring of the tattoo. One more issue that arises in relation to these tattoos is the amount of pain that has to be borne for having them inked as the foot area is closer to the bone and the pain may be considerably more in comparison to other areas. Therefore, a person must be aware and willing enough to bear the pain of having a foot tattoo inked, though the expertise of the tattoo designer can bring its level down to a significant extent.


Foot tattoos may take a longer while to heal as the area is exposed to abrasion from clothing and the ground. The bearer may be instructed to avoid wearing shoes and socks during the healing period and this can sometimes cause infections. They may cause itching and sensitivity in the affected area and one must avoid scratching them during the initial stages in particular. Despite these factors working against foot tattoos, they still continue to be high on popularity because of their striking looks and ability to be concealed when required. Good care and services of a professional artist can make getting foot tattoos done a lot easier and safer.

Popular Foot Tattoo Designs

There are several design options available for the foot tattoos and the bearer can pick the one which matches his choice in terms of size and pattern. While some can go for small sized tattoos covering the foot area specifically, others can go for a long and more intricate tattoo design, starting from the foot and extending through and ankle and reaching up the calf. Here are some popular foot tattoo designs:

  • Floral Foot Tattoo Designs – Flowers have always been a popular element in tattoo designing as they stand for beauty, purity, elegance and femininity. Girls love to have floral tattoos inked on their feet as they can add an amazing attraction value to them and look perfect even on the plainest feet.
  • Butterfly Foot Tattoo Designs – Like flowers, butterflies too make a wonderful option for foot tattoo designs as they give a vibrant and colorful beauty to the feet, which is something every woman desires for. Butterflies can be incorporated in floral designs to create something unique, or they can be done in singularity or many in number, depending upon the design picked up by the bearer.
  • Heart Foot Tattoo Designs – Another common element used in foot tattoo designs is the heart, which represents everlasting love and passion. The tattoo looks cute and attractive and can be done in black color or any other color, red being the most preferable one.
  • Toe Ring Foot Tattoo Designs – In the recent times, there has been an upsurge in ornamental tattoo designs, with people wearing tattoos designed in the form of rings, bracelets and neck pieces. For feet tattoos, special toe ring designs have been introduce to replicate these delicate ornaments on the toes of the bearer, in a beautiful manner.
  • Text, Words or Name as Foot Tattoos – Some girls would like to have the name or initials of a loved one inked on their feet because they do not want to be very showy about their loves and foot tattoos make a perfect option for them. They may also opt for some text inked on the foot, which may display their attitude and perception towards life.
  • Some other foot tattoo deigns which are popular among girls and women are animal designs, star designs, tribal designs and bows and ribbons. They may also have matching tattoos inked along with their best friend or beloved.

Overall, the popularity of foot tattoos is immense, but the fact remains that these tattoos are not so easy to have, because of the pain and complications involved. If you are looking to have a foot tattoo inked, you must be seriously committed for it to go through the tough process. Also, getting an expert artist to do it makes a great deal of difference and so does the level of attention and care you give to your foot tattoo. In the end, when you see a beautiful tattoo peeking out of your sandals, you will realize that all the pain borne and effort put in was absolutely worth it.


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