Forward Helix Piercing and the Important Facts Everyone Should Know

The number of individuals in the world these days who are getting curious about boy piercings is rapidly increasing, and one of their piercing prospects is the forward helix piercing. This kind of ear piercing is done on the outer rim of a person’s ears, particularly on the forward helix. In case you are not familiar with the exact location of this piercing, this is actually right there on the section where your ears and your face meet. This kind of piercing exudes femininity, which is why you can commonly see it among women. Even so, this does not mean that men cannot be able to wear such piercing. They can of course, but they should select a jewelry that will exude masculinity. Wearing this piercing will certainly display the sweet and sassy sides of yourself.

Forward Helix Piercing Procedure

Performing the forward helix piercing procedure will require great expertise and experience, which is why you need to find the very best professional piercer who can do it on you. The moment you arrive at the piercing shop of your chosen piercer, you should be warmly entertained while waiting for the actual procedure. Here is what will happen next:


  • You will be asked to position yourself comfortably. You can simply lie down or sit down. In some cases, the professional piercer will instruct you what position you should do, so that the piercing procedure can be done very easily.
  • The area where the piercing should be done will be sanitized. An antibacterial solution will be used in doing such thing. The purpose of this is to keep you away from any bacterial infection after doing the procedure.
  • The professional piercer will mark the exact location of the forward helix piercing. A surgical marking pen is used in making markings. With this, a more précised perforation on the area is expected.
  • A clamp will be placed right there on your ears. This is to stretch the ears, promoting easier perforation. You don’t have to worry since the clamp will not hurt you, for sure.
  • The piercer will push the piercing needle into the area. The purpose of this is to create a hole where the jewelry will be inserted.
  • The jewelry of your choice will be inserted into the hole made. The jewelry of your choice should be according to the spending budget you have set. Moreover, it must not contain some materials that can be harmful to your skin, causing some allergic reactions.

The Level Of Pain Brought By Forward Helix Piercing

Now the big question is, how much pain you can feel from undergoing the procedure involved with the forward helix piercing? This is actually one of those questions that people want to know first when they consider having this piercing. Well, to satisfy yourself regarding this question, having a piercing done on the helix part is actually very painful on your part, specially if you have a lower pain threshold. But if you have higher pain threshold, then it is expected that the amount of pain you can feel is way lesser. The main reason for such pain is the fact that this portion of the ears is packed with a cartilage. Few hours after the procedure, redness and swelling on the pierced area is just normal. The swelling and the redness will just disappear after several days.

The Healing Process Of Forward Helix Piercing

According to experts this kind of piercing takes a healing time of about 2 to 12 months. You have to patiently wait for a certain period of time for the complete recovery of the pierced area. If you are not willing to wait for some time, then having this kind of piercing may not be for you. Do not be deceived by the scenario that the pierced area is no longer giving you some discomfort. There is a big possibility that it is still not healed completely on the inside. If you are not sure of it, it is best to have a medical professional who will check it. Some people who undergone the procedure of this piercing only waited for 2 months, and the wound was already healed. Nonetheless, there were some who took them 12 months before the wound caused by the forward helix piercing procedure healed completely.

The Aftercares Needed for Forward Helix Piercing

If you have just undergone the procedure of this kind of gorgeous ear piercing, then it is very important for you to know the aftercares. These are very important since they can make the pace of the healing process faster. Here are the important things you have to do:

  • Don’t forget to clean it regularly. It is very significant to be done once or twice every single day. In doing such, you should have a cotton ball that is dipped into an amount of warm saline water, and use this cotton to gently clean the piercing and the pierced area as well.
  • Don’t change the jewelry inserted on the pierced area. You are just allowed to do it when the wound is completely healed already. Remember that the wound may be strained when you try to change the jewelry, earlier time than the required time for the healing process.
  • Avoid touching the pierced region. It is simply because touching it may cause some infections. This is because of the thousands of bacteria present in your hands. If you really need to touch it, then make sure that you wash your hands well first.
  • Avoid applying peroxide on the pierced area. Blistering and swelling on the pierced region can be caused by the peroxide. Because of this, the healing process for your forward helix piercing can surely be delayed. Hence, be careful on what you have applied on the area.

The Possible Infections and the Signs

When undergoing the procedure of this piercing, you must not forget that there might be some infections that will occur, specially if you are not responsible enough in taking good care of the pierced area. Moreover, if you don’t take those aftercares seriously, then it is no longer surprising why you will suffer from horrible infections on the pierced area. A raised bump or the so-called hypertrophic scar is amongst those most common infections that you might don’t like to have. This will form right there around the hole made for the forward helix piercing. The moment you have this infection, you should immediately try to treat it with some effective home remedies. But in case you don’t know how to do it, then consulting a medical professional to handle the treatment is the best thing to do. There are various signs that the pierced area is already infected, and these are the following:

  • Yellow or a dark brown puss
  • Immense swelling
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever

The Cost Of Forward Helix Piercing

For sure, you are wondering how much it will cost you to have a gorgeous forward helix piercing. The cost will actually depend on several significant factors such as the jewelry being chosen and the piercer himself or herself. But in most cases, having this piercing will cost you around $20 or higher than that.

Forward helix piercing jewelry

The ideal jewelry to be used is a 1.2mm labret stud or a curved barbell.

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Different Variations In Forward Helix Piercing

  • Single forward helix piercing – Single perforation done at the top of the ear, in the front portion.
  • Double forward helix piercing – This involves two perforations being done in the frontal helix region.
  • Triple forward helix piercing – Here three piercings are done one after the other in the forward helix region

Single Forward Helix Piercing
Single Forward Helix Piercing for Women
Single Forward Helix Piercings
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Double Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercings for Girls
Triple Forward Helix Piercings for Girls

Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing
Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing should be your choice if you want a very unique but appealing piercing on ears. However, this beautiful piercing may not be for you, so you must try to research a lot of important information about it first before giving it a shot. Also check our articles on popular ear piercings types Helix PiercingIndustrial PiercingRook piercingSnug piercing.

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