150 Most Popular Dreamcatcher Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos are like an style statement, which reflect your personality or attitude. There are different kinds of popular tattoos, with each kind having its own hidden meaning and significance. Dreamcatcher tattoo is an specially designed tattoo, which as the name suggests, is supposed to harbinger pleasant dreams on account of its mystical qualities. This is why these tattoos are gaining increasing popularity among women, and now, men too.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meanings

Basically, dreamcatcher is an item which belongs to Native American culture and was traditionally used to bring good dreams for new born babies, by trapping bad ones and also the evil spirits. Structurally, dreamcatcher constitutes of a woven web, adorned with shells, beads, feathers or gemstones. It is hung over the bed or door of the bedroom, so that it would trap the negative energy and filter only positive energy to reach the baby sleeping under it. Another notion is that it lets negative dreams to pass through and keeps back the positive ones, so that they could become the part of the destiny of the person. In this way, they are believed to protect the person from evil and ensure good things for them. These powers of the dreamcatcher have made it a popular design for tattoos, much loved by people all over the world. It also reflects the rich Native American culture and history.

Significance of Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Just as a dreamcatcher is considered as a protective talisman in the Native American culture, a dreamcatcher tattoo is supposed to bring a feeling of well being and personal security for the bearer. It has the power to keep away nightmares and safeguard the person from evil spirits and negativity. These tattoos signify nature and represent the freedom and power it has to offer.


Cultural Background of Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Anishinabe tribe of America, also called the Chippewa tribe and the Ojibwa tribe of Canada, have been attributed for designing this unique craft called dreamcatcher. There was a popular belief among these people that new born babies are protected by a spider web, woven around their cribs by a mythical spider woman. They started hanging these dreamcatchers over the cribs of the babies as they thought that she could not visit all the new born babies. This is why the dreamcatchers were originally designed with eight points, to signify the legs of a spider, which are also eight in number. Over a period of time, there were several modifications in the designs of dreamcatchers, making them colorful to appeal to the little children while they played under them. Dreamcatchers occupy a scared position in the Native American culture, which is why there have been objections to having these tattoos placed on the body, particularly in case of a person who does not belong to the native American culture.

Popular Designs Of Dreamcatcher Tattoos

There is a wide variety of designs available in dreamcatcher tattoos and the wearer can pick something to choose his taste and attitude. Traditionally, the center of the tattoo is designed as a web or net, surrounded by somewhat elaborate designing of natural things such as leaves or vines. Instead of leaves and vines, you can choose some other objects to reflect your personal style and meaning. The meaning of the objects should first be researched before having the tattoo made, for which you can enlist the help of an experienced tattoo artist. Some designs can have something as wild as animals like owl, ox or bison, which signify courage and power. In others, the central web may be adorned with feathers and beads, which is something similar to the design of an original dreamcatcher. Such designs bear simplicity and detail and can look really beautiful. A circular look encased in a heart shaped pattern is another popular design in dreamcatcher tattoos.

Ideally, men have dreamcatcher tattoos on their upper arms, while some of them have a large one inked on their upper back area. On the other hand, women go for a smaller version of these tattoos on their shoulders, so that they look elegant. Since dreamcatcher tattoos bear a cultural significance, you need to be very careful about their placement on the body. It should be placed in such a manner that it should not hurt the sentiments of the others and also not interfere with your personal or professional life.

These mystical designs are gaining popularity not only in the Native American culture, but on a global level. They not only look good, but also have a meaning added to them.


Popular Images Of DreamCatcher Tattoos

Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Back
Creative Owl-Shaped Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm
Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Back
Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Ribcage
Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Thigh
Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Thigh
Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Ankle
Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Dreamcatcher with Flowers Tattoo
Intricate Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
White Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Blackwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Best Forearm Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Panda Flower Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design on Ribs
Heart-Shaped Willow Hoop Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Nature Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Heart-Shaped Hoop
Floral Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Nautical Themed Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Colorful Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Paw Print Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Owl Dreamcatcher Design
Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm
Morphing Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Stag Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Amazingly Detailed Miniature Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Blackwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Watercolor Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Wrist
Beautiful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design
Small Ankle Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Amazing Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Back Shoulder Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

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