100 Pretty Orchid Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Floral designs make one of the eminent favorites among tattoo designs in this amazing art of body adornment, but the big question is which flower to use in the tattoo design. Flowers like rose, lotus, cherry blossoms, sunflowers and daffodils usually catch the fancy of tattoo lovers, but for those looking for a completely unique floral tattoo design can opt for orchid tattoos.

Orchids make an interesting choice for tattoos because these flowers have rare beauty and symbolism, which make them unique and desirable to be inked in the form of a tattoo. These beautiful flowers can grow well in almost all kinds of climates, though it reaches full bloom in tropical climates. While it would be common to notice orchid tattoos on women, they can sometimes be found on men too. These tattoos possess a great deal of versatility in terms of size and color, which makes them suitable to be inked on any placement on the body. Additionally, the unique species of flower has a symbolic meaning too, making it a perfect choice for being represented in the form of a tattoo.

Symbolism of Orchids and Orchid Tattoos

Orchids are flowers of great elegance and beauty, plus the fact that they are rare makes them highly desirable among tattoo enthusiasts and designers too. These flowers have been revered in various cultures around the world, particularly in the Asian culture, where they are associated with fertility. Here, the flowers are used to depict male and female sexual organs. The name of the flower is in fact derived from the word Orchids, which literally means testicles.


A group of orchid flowers is seen as a representation of female organs while the expression “purple orchid” is used to define a male reproductive organ. This makes orchid tattoos related with sensuality and eroticism.
The Greeks knew this flower by the name of Flower of Magnificence because of its splendid beauty and grace, while the Aztecs associated orchids with power and strength. It was even used as an aphrodisiac to prepare love potions in the ancient medicinal systems of countries like Egypt, Germany and China.

In certain cultures, the flower was even used to determine the sex of an unborn child. If the couple wanted a male child, the father would eat orchids and for a female child, the mother would have to consume the flower. Some other symbolic meanings associated with this amazing flower are royalty purity, luxury, elegance, innocence, mystery, fertility and delicacy. While the association with beauty and elegance makes the orchid tattoo design a popular option for women, men show an inclination towards this tattoo because of its symbolic relation with potency and sensuality. Therefore, orchid tattoos have both male and female connotations, which make them a good choice for both the genders.

Popular Orchid Tattoo Designs

Orchids make an amazing choice for tattoo lovers because of sheer variety available in the designs containing this exotic flower as the basic element. In fact, there are 25000 species of orchids found across the globe, with vanillas orchids, cymbidium and dendrobium being the most common and well known ones. The flowers grow in an array of vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and many more. As a result, the tattoo artist has a great number of options to create some unique designs by making use of the different colors, sizes and shapes in which various species of orchids grow in nature. The use of right hues and design can create a stunning visual impact and it also give s a symbolic value to the tattoo design, which are the main reasons why people have tattoos inked on their body. Orchid is the flower of the wild, which is why most of the tattoos are designed to feature them that way.

Certain other elements like birds, butterflies, leaves and grass can be combined with orchid as the main element, to create an eye catching tattoo design. The tattoo can be inked in any size depending upon the location which is chosen by the tattoo bearer to be inked.

Since these tattoos are very elegant, most of them would like the tattoo to be prominent and have them placed at highly visible locations such as the shoulder, forearm, wrist, ankle, calf and lower back.

Like all other tattoo designs, the orchid design too needs a good deal of research before it is finally inked on a tattoo bearer. Also, one needs to get an expert and experienced tattoo artist to create a magnificent looking tattoo of this equally magnificent flower. This wonderful design element will give a full scope of using a flower as exquisite as orchid in the right way and to get full worth of time and money spent as well as pain borne in having a tattoo inked.


Popular Images Of Orchid Tattoo Designs




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