150 Heart Touching Sister Tattoos for Special Bonding

A sister is one of the most special persons in one’s life and no other person in the world can replace her or share a bond as special as the one between sisters. A great way to reinforce the special bonding between sisters is sisters’ tattoo, which defines a relation full of fights and quarrels, yet the two people coming together in a cohesive bond. A sister’s relation is created by birth and nothing in the world can make sisters apart and love ties them even if they are miles away from each other and are busy in their respective families. Sister tattoo can keep the two sisters tied up with an invisible bond which becomes a part of their physical being, which will be with them forever and ever. There cannot be a better way to illustrate the depth of their feelings for each other than having a sister tattoo done on them.

The meanings behind the tattoo make it even more special for the bearers, as it does the important task of joining the two of them together in an everlasting bond of love and understanding, which has already been created by God by bringing them into the world from the same womb. Would you check our hand-picked collection of Mother Daughter tattoos and their symbolic significance?

Sister Tattoo Design Ideas

Sister tattoos can be done in a great variety of design as they are more about personal feelings rather than creation of a pattern. One can ask the tattoo artist to create a special design idea, which showcases one’s true love and feelings towards the very special human being in their life, their sister. The specialty of a sister tattoo lies in its deeper meaning rather than its aesthetic value, but the fact remains that the tattoo needs to be appealing and eye catching, because the real purpose of getting a tattoo done is to get the attention of others. Here are a few interesting sister tattoo design ideas:


  • Sisters’ Name Tattoos – The simplest and probably the best design idea for sister tattoo is having each other’s names inked on one’s body. This will make your sister an integral part of your being, though she is already a part and parcel of your soul, but the name tattoo will make this bonding visible. If the name seems to be a too obvious thing to get inked on a visible part of one’s body, one can opt for the short and simple initials of the sister.
  • Textual Sister Tattoos – A special word, phrase or quote which indicates the depth of your relationship is another good design idea for sister tattoo. It can be something new or something back from the childhood memories.
  • Butterfly Sister Tattoo – Butterflies inked on the sisters’ arms or wrists can be another cool way to profess their love and bonding towards each other. These vibrant creatures can be done in bright colors to make them eye catching.
  • Ribbon Tattoo Design – Ribbon tattoos look simple and cute and make a wonderful choice in sister tattoo. The uncomplicated design is great for the first timers, as it is neither too expensive nor too painful.
  • Puzzle Design – Puzzle pieces can be made on both the sisters as sister design. These puzzles fit into each other, which symbolizes their mutual union despite the distances between the two of them.
  • Infinity Symbol Design – Infinity sister tattoos signify the endless bond between the two of them, which says that they will always be there for each other, no matter what the circumstances are and whatever life has in store for the two of them.
  • Heart Design –  Heart tattoos denote the bond of love between the two sisters, saying that the love between the two of them will never wane out, but will increase with the passage of time.
  • Yin and Yang Tattoo Design – They symbolize the balance of energies, as sisters are two diverse personalities, yet they complement each other and come together to make a whole united being, standing for each other through thick and thin.
  • Flower tattoo Design – They are feminine in nature and make a great choice for sister tattoos, with a great variety of flowers to choose from, such as rose, lotus, daffodils, cherry blossoms and many more. Ideally, dandelion is most suitable in sister tattoo as it stands for the childhood days, which the sisters have spent together.
  • A lock and key Tattoo Design – This is another good option for sister tattoo, as it represents how important the two sisters are for each other. If one is the lock, the other is the key and they need each other to be complete.

Other design elements can also be chosen to feature in sister tattoo designs, which a creative tattoo artist can work on to make a meaningful tattoo representing the feelings of the sisters towards each other. These tattoos need to be very personal and symbolic of the feelings of a person, which makes them even more special than the conventional tattoos.


Amazing Pictures Of Sister Tattoos

Floral Watercolor Sister Tattoos by Jordan Ashley
Heart Rate Sister Tattoos by Jeff Ward
Tiny Sister Tattoos by Jessica Guerra
Connecting Quote Sister Tattoo by Faelan Wilson
Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos by SteviRee Barney
Russian Nesting Doll Sister Tattoos by Deanna Taylor
Swinging Sister Tattoos by Jeffrolowe
Constellation Sister Tattoos
Disney Sister Tattoo Designs
Matching mermaid sister tattoos by Marquinho Andre
Sugar Skull Sister Tattoos by Rachelle Downs
Matching Sister Tattoos
Watercolor Sister Tattoos by Simona Blanar
Sister Tattoos on Feet
Blackwork Floral Sister Tattoos by Karl Otto
Sister Tattoos by Sara Overton
Clock Hand Sister Tattoos
Silhouetted Bird Sister Tattoos
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sister Tattoos by Martha Pranckuviene
Funny Sister Tattoos
Flower Sister Tattoo Designs by Jorge Ulloa
Connected Sister Tattoo Design
Heart Sister Tattoos
Matching Wave Sister Tattoos
Sister and Grandma Tattoos by Cheryl Simiakakis
Sister Tattoos by Jen's Ink
Matching Sister Tattoos by Koko
Matching Finger Tattoos for Sisters by Alejandro Gallardo
Hakuna Matata Sister Tattoos
Continent Sister Tattoos by OD ŚWITU DO ZMIERZCHU
Cherry Blossom Sister Tattoo by Hannah
Sisterhood Heart Tattoos by sey3Yrbon

Constellation Sister Tattoos by Lauren Fernandez
Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos by Alexis Vargas
Seashell Sister Tattoos by Anna Stevens
Butterfly Sister Tattoos by Elm Street
Butterfly Sister Tattoos by Elm Street
Matching Shamrock Sister Tattoos
Matching Tree Sister Tattoos by Mathew Holland
Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos
Sister Tattoos on Ankle
Russian Nesting Doll Sister Tattoos!
Matching Sister Tattoos on Wrist by Sofia Mittica
Watercolor Sister Tattoos on Feet by Chloe

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