100+ Smiley Piercing Examples, Jewelry And FAQ’s

Do you love the idea of having a piercing anywhere on your body? Do you want to have those common piercings or the uncommon ones? Well, if you want to try an uncommon type of a piercing, then having a smiley piercing is the really the best. This is one kind of an oral piercing that you might not see yet in a certain person. All over the world, only very few people have this piercing. So, where exactly this kind of piercing is being done? It is inside the mouth of a person. It may be right there at the top portion of the frontal teeth or at the bottom part. It is otherwise called scrumper, but upper lip frenulum piercing is its technical name. The exact location of this piercing is in the frenulum, which is a small size, thin tissue that is connecting the gums and the lips.

The Procedure of Smiley Piercing

The procedure involved in a smiley piercing is extremely crucial, and this should only be handled by a well-experienced, professional piercer who is specializing in doing oral piercings. Keep in mind that the location of this piercing is less accessible and only has a small space and size. One wrong positioning will already affect the whole product badly. Hence, make sure to find the best professional piercer and hire his or her service. Here is how the procedure goes regarding this sophisticated piercing:

  • The piercer will give you a short briefing. A well-experienced, professional piercer who cares a lot to his or her clients will never do the piercing procedure without giving a short brief first. This is important so that the clients will know everything about the procedure. Through this, confusion from the clients’ part will never happen.
  • You will be asked to lie down or sit down comfortably. It is very important that you are in a position that makes you more comfortable, so that unnecessary movements can be prevented as soon as the procedure starts. When you move, the hole that will be made on the frenulum may go in a wrong direction.
  • You should wash your mouth well with an antibacterial mouthwash solution. The solution will be provided by the professional piercer you hire, of course. Washing your mouth is a good way to kill some bacteria present in your mouth that can cause horrible infections on the pierced area.
  • The piercer will insert the piercing needle on the area. This is the time that you need to be in a statue mode. In other words, try not to move so that the hole that will be made will be précised and on the right direction. Anyway, it will only take seconds. Even so, you have to make sure that the piercer has sterilized that needle being used.
  • The chosen jewelry will then be inserted. When the piercer has successfully made a hole on the frenulum, then it is time to insert the jewelry of your choice. After this, you are good to go. Just make sure that you choose a jewelry that does not contain harmful materials. Remember, the jewelry will be placed orally.

The Pain Involved with Smiley Piercing

Smiley piercing is actually just like the same with the other piercings that can be found on the body. They are the same in a way that this piercing can also give some pain during the procedure. Well, the key phrase here is that every piercing procedure can be painful, only that they differ in the intensity of pain. In the case of upper lip frenulum piercing, it is supposed to be very painful since it is done inside the mouth, which is packed with several groups of nerves. However, the fact that the frenulum is a very thin tissue, it is just right to say that it will be less painful to undergo with the procedure for a smiley piercing. Also check our articles on most popular piercings Nose Piercings, Lip PiercingsEar Piercings, Belly Button PiercingsDimple Piercings, Nape Piercings and Tongue Piercings.


The Healing Process of Smiley Piercing

Every single kind of piercing done in a person’s body, whether oral or in the surface, has its own time period of healing process. Some will take a number of weeks or months, and some will just take a couple of weeks. As for a smiley piercing, the entire healing process may take you 4 weeks up to 12 weeks, depending on several important factors such as how you take good care of the pierced area. If you are responsible enough to take good care of it, then it is expected that it will heal the soonest time possible. But if you don’t care too much, then it will surely take a longer period of time to heal. And worse, some horrible complications may occur.

How to Take Care of Your Smiley Piercing

There are important things that you need to do during the healing process of your piercing. These things are known as the aftercares. Here are the aftercares that you should keep in mind regarding your smiley piercing:

  • Clean your mouth every after mealtime. Keep in mind that the food items you eat everyday may contain some bacteria that will stay in your mouth. Thus, it is very important for you to brush your teeth every after meal and make sure to rinse it with warm saline water.
  • Only use a mild toothpaste – If you will use a toothpaste that contains strong chemicals, then the risk is that the pierced area can be irritated, which may lead to severe complications that you will surely don’t like to experience. Moreover, it is very important that you only use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Don’t touch the piercing and the pierced area, if possible. It is simply because the wound on the pierced area is sensitive enough during the healing process. A single touch of it may already cause some irritation because of the strain that you give to it. Your hands may also have some bacteria that can be harmful to it.
  • Avoid consuming spicy and hot food items. These food items are capable enough in irritating the wound caused by the piercing procedure.
  • Don’t consume alcoholic beverages while the pierced area is still on the recovery period. Alcoholic beverages contain some harmful chemicals, and so with the cigarettes.

Infections and Complications for Smiley Piercing

In case you are careless enough about your smiley piercing, then having some infections and complications on it is already expected. This is the main reason why you need to remember all the aftercare advices of your professional piercer. You should know that an infected piercing and pierced area is characterized by severe redness and swelling. In case you notice these signs, then you should immediately see a doctor. If you already have these infection signs, it is very important not to touch it or twist the piercing because it may just worsen its condition. Bleeding is another sign of complications. Because of this, you should see to it that you take a bite on your food on the other side of your teeth where the pierced area is farther. A gum disease may occur since the jewelry of your smiley piercing will have a direct contact on the gums and teeth as well. In fact, teeth loss is also one of its complications.

Smiley Piercing and Its Expected Cost

If you think that having a smiley piercing will not cost you any dime, then think again. Remember that you need to pay the service of your hired professional piercer, and you also need to pay for your chosen jewelry. Usually, the cost of the entire procedure of smiley piercing is around $30-$80.

Yes, a smiley piercing can make you look more beautiful, making you stand out among the huge crowd. However, it comes with some things that you should think about many times first before going for it.

100+ Real Examples of Smiley Piercings


Jewelry Options for Smiley Piercing and their Prices

Just like any other piercings, there are a number of jewelry options that you can have for smiley piercing. Because of this, there is no way you cannot find the best and most gorgeous jewelry that will make you more beautiful when you wear it in your frenulum. Here are some of the gorgeous jewelry options that you can take into account:


  • Amethyst Purple Crystal Hoop – The shape of this jewelry is like a hula hoop, and maybe this is the reason why it is called this way. What makes this jewelry option extra gorgeous is the amethyst stone that can be seen both on its two heads. These stones have a shining purple color. It is priced around $24.75.
  • Dark Blue Horseshoe Ring – What makes this jewelry very elegant and beautiful is its dark blue color. It is simple in design, but it will surely look good on you. Its price is around $3.28.
  • Surgical Steel Horseshoe Ring-Rook – This is another beautiful jewelry option for your smiley piercing that also has a blue color. It is very affordable for its $2.49 price.
  • Smiley Clicker Ring – This is one of the most gorgeous and expensive jewelry options that you can choose from. It is priced around $350.

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